View over Taganana bilage is one of the most instagrammable places in Tenerife

7 Most Instagrammable And Eye-Catching Places In Tenerife

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Tenerife is one of the most diverse islands within the group of the Canary Islands. A combination of black and white sand beaches, mountains, picturesque landscape and sunny weather, makes it a popular destination. Tenerife is also home to the third-largest volcano in the world, Mount Teide. The national park, where you can locate it, is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. And it offers many photogenic places and insta worthy spots – a ture paradise for photographers.

You probably have your eyes already on Tenerife. If not, this list of the most instagrammable places in Tenerife will convince you to do so. 

7 Instagrammable spots in Tenerife

The 7 most instagrammable places in Tenerife

To help you prepare for a trip to Tenerife, we put together everything you need to know before travelling to this beautiful island here.

We divided the Instagram-worthy places in Tenerife by location. Below you can find the map to allocate each of the photogenic spots mentioned in this article.

Instagrammable places in South Tenerife

Mount Teide

Welcome to the one must-see sight and the most instagrammable place in Tenerife. The highest volcano in Spain and the third tallest in the world is still an active volcano.

Different colours of brown and red and lava rock created by lava streams form a one-of-a-kind landscape that will not leave you untouched. Especially the last section of the road to reach the Teide cable car, which is the most photographed spot in Tenerife. But it’s not the only one. The national park around the mountains offers plenty of fantastic photo spots during the day and the night.

Road leading to Mount Teide

How to get there?
There are four main routes to the peak. From Los Gigantes, you should take the road through Chio and from the Los Christianos area, you can reach it via Arona and Vilafor. Coming from the North, you can take La Esperanza road, and from the West, you need to take the road going through La Orotava.

Best time of the day to take photos?
Mount Teide national park is tremendous. The best time of the day depends on the location where you want to shoot. We took the below in the morning, which is also the best time to take photos of the Rocks of Garcia.

The Travel Momento insider tip: Don’t leave any valuable things in the car while exploring the national park. Learn from our mistake.


Masca is known as the most beautiful village in Tenerife. It doesn’t take long to understand why. Already driving towards this hidden gem, you can admire the unique landscape with Mount Teide in the background or view over the snaky road ahead of you.

What makes the village so special is the main centre that runs along with a ridge finishing in a mini copy of Machu Picchu.

Walking around Masca Valley

How to get there?
From the main resorts in the south of Tenerife, take TF-1 and turn on TF-82 to reach Santiago del Teide. In the city centre turn left to TF-436 and you will arrive in Masca.

Best time of the day to take photos?
You should either arrive at midday with the sun right above you or at sunset when the sun colours the main centre. Arriving early in the morning will disappoint you as it takes time for the sun to come out.

The Travel Momento insider tip: Make sure to stop along the way – check the best viewpoints here. Once you arrive, walk around the top to the left to have the best view over the village.

Instagrammable places in East Tenerife

Playa Montana Amarilla

Visit Montana Amarilla beach means venturing into one of the island’s most unusual landscapes. The lava eruption created rock formations that were later carved by the waves and contributed to the naming of this beach as the Natural Monument.

Cliff view at Playa Montana Amarilla in Fuerteventura

How to get there?
You can get to the beach on foot from the bus station Ten-Bel or from the nearby Amarilla Bay apartments block, where there is always free parking.

Best time of the day to take photos?
Come in the morning to explore the whole beach. If you come in the afternoon, you will be limited to only one part of the cliffs as the sea level is too high.

The Travel Momento insider tip: If you want to explore the beach, make sure to have proper shoes. One section of the beach is nudist so pay attention when taking photos.

Instagrammable places in West Tenerife

Punta de Teno

The most western point of Tenerife is one of the least known corners of Tenerife. But this only adds charm to it, doesn’t it? The volcanic soil, laurel forest and lighthouse create a unique setting. Wandering around, you can admire a panoramic view of the Los Gigantes (note that this is only possible with the good weather).

Walking down from lighthouse to sea at Punta de Teno

How to get there?
You can’t reach this point by car, so you need to take a bus in the city centre (a one-way ticket is 1 EUR per person) or rent a bike and cycle up the hill. The bikes are available before the road’s closure at Carretera del Faro de Punta de Teno. There is also small parking.

Best time of the day to take photos?
To have the perfect lighting come in the late afternoon and wait until the sunset.

The Travel Momento insider tip: You can also find a natural pool suitable for swimming even when the tide is high.

Charco de la Laja

It’s a natural pool that will blow you away with its blue palette of colours. You can find it in the San Juan de la Rambla province in the west part of Tenerife. Easily accessible with the car park just before the promenade down to the poolside.

The volcanic rocks protect this pearl and the wild ocean. However, in the high tide, the waves are sometimes too strong and go over the rock.

Dancing in front of a natural pool - Charco de la Laja

How to get there?
Coming from the south, you need to pass Santiago del Teide and continue on TF-82 until El Tanque, where you turn to TF-5 and go off at Avenida Jose Antonio. From there, take the first turn right on Calle los Sabandenos and continue until the end.

Best time of the day to take photos?
Best time to swim and take photos while swimming is at low tide. During winter it’s hard to find such time. But you can always go to the natural pool and take pictures from the above. For that come from morning to midday, and at sunset.

Playa de Benijo

The most remote beach in Tenerife is also the purest and untouched one, creating a unique landscape. From the black sand beach, you can admire the stunning view of the Roques de Anaga.

Viewpoint on the Playa de Benijo

How to get there?
We recommend stopping by when visiting Taganana village. From there, continue on TF-134 to La Venta Marrero restaurant, where you will find a small parking spot. Next to it is a path leading to the beach.

Best time of the day to take photos?
For photos on the black beach, you need to visit it when the tide is low. At high tide, the water covers the entire coast and you can’t walk around.

Instagrammable places in North Tenerife


Anaga forest is a complete diverse landscape that you would expect to see on a volcanic island and opposite to the south of the island. There are three charming villages, but the most photogenic and instagrammable place is Taganana.

From Taganana, continue on the road towards the Benijo beach to admire the stunning cliffs and Atlantic blue colour of the sea.

Walking on the coastline with the view on Taganana

How to get there?
Coming from Santa Cruz De Tenerife take the road TF-11, turn left on TF-12 and continue until El Cuchillo. There turn right on TF-134. If you pass through San Cristobal de la Laguna, you continue on TF-12 and turn left at El Cuchilo to take TF-134.

Best time of the day to take photos?
Come in the morning when the sun colours the white houses of Taganana village or at sunset.

The Travel Momento insider tip: To take the best photo of the village stop at the big garbage place before the first road split. Then climb up the road on the left until the first house, and you will find the best photo spot.

Final thoughts

Tenerife is one of the most diverse and underrated islands we have seen. It offers a gazillion of opportunities for one-of-a-kind photos for your photographic spirit or just to spicy up your Instagram feed. We hope this overview has given you enough reasons to visit Tenerife and pay additional attention to these instagrammable and eye-catching places in Tenerife.

Want to know the best time to visit the island, how to reach it and how to travel around Tenerife – then this article is the right next step for you to help you prepare everything.

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7 Instagrammable spots in Tenerife
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